Generate Revenue by Promoting Niche Ad Network.

Niche Ad Network is a somewhat unique niche online advertising system (owned and operated by Passions Network Inc.), in that we provide an opportunity for Partners to earn ongoing revenue by promoting our ad services to Publishers and Advertisers. When a Partner refers website Publishers into Niche Ad Network, the Partner earns 10% of the revenue paid out to the referred Publishers. As long as a referred Publisher continues to run ads via Niche Ad Network, the Partner will continue to earn a percentage of the revenue generated. To be more specific, this isn't a one-time payment, and there is no cap on the total revenue that Partners can earn from the Publishers they refer.

Partners Earn Revenue From Referred Publishers And From Referred Advertisers

Likewise, Partners will also be paid for any Advertisers they refer into Niche Ad Network. The payment for referred Advertisers is structured differently though, in that it is a one time commission equal to 5% of the Advertiser's initial deposit into Niche Ad Network. The primary focus of the Partner Program is Publisher referrals, but Niche Ad Network added the Advertiser referral commission as a way to provide Partners with some sort of financial incentive for any referrals that end up advertising.

Partners Have Access To Reporting Tools Displaying Referred Publisher / Advertiser Revenue

The Niche Ad Network Partner Program is a unique way for companies and/or individuals to earn ongoing revenue simply by promoting Niche Ad Network online.

A Few Examples Of Niche Ad Network Partners

Passions Network - Free Dating Sites
iDateMedia - Dating Software

Please review our TERMS for restrictions regarding the Partner Program.