When it comes to Online Advertising Companies you have a lot of choices. Tons in fact. The problem with that is most are general advertising companies who don’t have a huge selection of niche markets. That’s where Niche Ad Network comes in.

The Niche Ad Network is made up of hundreds of niche channels from everything like Dating, Motorcycles, Seniors, Christians, Travel, Finance and so on. These channels combine to offer over 60 million impressions per month and growing. Other online advertising companies can’t compare to these niches. While general advertising might work for some it won’t work for all. Especially those niche sites looking to promote their niche product or service to a specific group.

Niche Ad Network is a CPC network and that means it’s a Cost Per Click which means Advertisers¬†only pay for the clicks your ad gets and when it comes to paying for the click you won’t pay a lot. Google AdWords¬†and other online advertising companies can cost you a few dollars per click depending on your product but at Niche Ad Network the default CPC is .50 cents.

Not only do advertisers get a great deal on promoting niche products and services, Publishers can earn revenue by being a publisher. If your website is niche and you have traffic then you can earn revenue from that traffic. Niche Ad Network splits the click revenue with all publishers on a 50/50 basis. Be sure to check out our article on Advertise My Website.