Niche Ad Network provides an Ad Network owned and operated by Passions Network Inc. and adheres to specific TERMS (TOS) for Publishers using our network and for Advertisers using our network and for Partners using our network.

The appropriate TOS can be found here:

Advertiser Terms

Publisher Terms

Niche Ad Network does not deal directly with end-users except via the delivery of ad content. To that end, short-term (i.e. approximately 24 hours long) cookies are used to minimize repetitive ad delivery. Separately, IP addresses are identified to allow Advertisers to ‘Geo-target’ specific regions. At no point does Niche Ad Network store individual IP addresses related to unique individuals. Generalized ad delivery data (i.e. non-user specific) is stored for accounting purposes.

Any ads delivered via the Niche Ad Network are delivered solely due to the ad being approved as acceptable within specific ‘themed’ ad zone channels. These Ad Zone Channels are matched to Publisher websites and ARE NOT user-specific.

Niche Ad Network does not utilize any technology to identify and follow specific individuals for targeted ad delivery. All ad delivery is end-user indifferent with the focus being on matching website themes and advertising themes.

If any of our Publishers or Advertisers have any concerns related to Niche Ad Network’s Terms of Service/Privacy and/or GDPR adherence, please use our Contact Us page to reach out.