First I will explain what PPC Marketing is then I will explain how Niche Ad Network can help you with promoting your website more effectively than any other online advertising companies.

PPC stands for Price Per Click. This is where you as a Advertiser promotes your website and you pay each time someone clicks your ad. Using systems like AdWords can cost you many dollars per click. Here at Niche Ad Network you’ll pay .50 cents per click and not only is the PPC more affordable but the site that promotes your campaign will be relevant to your site. For example, if you have a Seniors style website then you can promote your Seniors website/product/service on that site. This is called niche market advertising and conversions are always higher when the ads are relevant to the site.

Niche Ad Network was designed to do just this. Using niche market PPC Marketing to help niche market website owners promote their niche market product on niche market websites.

If you own a niche website and you’re looking to promote it then feel free to give us a call. We love helping customers increase conversions for their niche market websites.