Gay Niche MarketingAs society has changed over the last decade, more and more people have become accepting of the Gay community. With the passage of same-sex marriage laws in 2015, public opinion shifted fairly dramatically in favor of equal rights for those within the LGBTQ community. With the relatively sudden shift in public opinion, an entirely new focus on Gay Niche Marketing has begun to emerge. Large corporations have released commercials extolling their inclusivity, with many making statements in support of equal rights for their Gay employees. The tricky part of marketing to any niche community is in determining how to identify the members, and how to focus ads in areas where they are likely to take notice. Of course, the Gay demographic has been very visible for decades, but as society has changed, more and more companies are scrambling to get their products and services in front of gay individuals and gay couples, who tend to have more disposable income.

The Problem With Existing Gay Niche Marketing Is That It’s Difficult To Know Who Is Gay

Wouldn’t it be easier for marketers if everyone identified every aspect of who they are as a person whenever they visited a website? Checking off boxes detailing gender, sexual orientation, politics, religion and more. Until that day arrives, as if it ever will, Advertisers must use different methods to reach out to specific niche markets. The most common method involves relying on third party advertising systems to gather data on individuals and place cookies in their browsers, so that the appropriate ads can be delivered to the right target markets. The bad news is that some people don’t allow cookies to be stored in their browsers. And other people delete their cookies regularly. And some people use multiple browsers, and multiple devices to access the Internet. And sometimes someone else uses a friend’s computer, which means the cookies in the browser aren’t associated with them. Basically, many Advertisers rely on third parties to gather personal information about specific niche markets, and then expect that information to be accurate each time an ad is delivered. As noted above, there are many reasons why this approach is problematic.

Niche Ad Network Makes It Easy To Focus Your Gay Niche Marketing Campaigns To The Gay Community

Niche Ad Network doesn’t use cookies to help Advertisers reach the Gay community. Niche Ad Network uses common sense. We work with Publishers of Gay websites, who place our Gay Channel Ad Zone into their sites. Our approach relies on the concept that Gay websites primarily draw Gay visitors. If the content of a website is focused exclusively on the Gay community, then what better place for an Advertiser to focus their Gay Niche Marketing campaign?

Gay website Publishers add our Gay Channel Ad Zone into their sites, and Advertisers add their Gay related ads into Niche Ad Network’s Gay Channel Ad Zone. Guess what happens. Gay related ads appear on Gay related websites, and they are seen by the Gay community. It couldn’t be any easier!