Lesbian MarketingAs society has changed, the LGBTQ community has grown into a significant market for a large number of Advertisers. Within the LGBTQ community is the Lesbian community, and it has grown in acceptance as prominent individuals like Ellen have acknowledged their sexual orientation. Rather than hide in the closet, more and more women are being true to themselves and publicly living their lives married to other women, or just living together openly and honestly. As this segment of the population has grown in visibility and acceptance, the desire of Advertisers to reach this target demographic has also grown. The question is how to reach out to a specific audience comprised of people who live vastly different types of lives, but who share one thing in common, their sexual orientation.

Niche Ad Network Provides A Lesbian Channel Ad Zone For Publishers Of Lesbian Websites

With the growth of the Lesbian community online, there has been a large number of websites created to cater to this specific demographic group. Publishers focused on the Lesbian community have created Lesbian forums, Lesbian social networks, Lesbian dating sites and Lesbian shopping sites (yes, sites filled with products created specifically for Lesbians). Since the vast majority of these sites are 100% free, with the possible exception of some of the Lesbian dating sites, most Publishers rely on advertising to generate revenue to run their sites. By providing Publishers of Lesbian focused websites with the Niche Ad Network Lesbian Channel Ad Zone, Publishers are able to maintain the look and feel of their site by serving ads designed specifically for the Lesbian community.

Niche Ad Network Helps Advertisers with Lesbian Niche Marketing Campaigns Reach Lesbians

Once Publishers of Lesbian related websites have added the Niche Ad Network Lesbian Channel Ad Zone into their sites, all Advertisers need to do is to place their ads into the Lesbian Channel to have them delivered directly to their target market. Provided the ads are focused on the Lesbian community, they will be approved by Niche Ad Network and allowed to run within the Lesbian Channel Ad Zone. This approach directly connects Publishers, Advertisers and the visitors of Lesbian related websites. It’s really that simple!