Transsexual MarketingSociety has changed dramatically within the last 10 years as progress has been made in the LGBTQ community. In particular, the T part of LGBTQ (i.e. the Transgender commununity) has seen massive changes in visibility and acceptance. Examples include Emmy winning TV shows like Transparent on Amazon where the main character is a person transitioning from male to female, not to mention the very public transitioning of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner.

Despite moves forward, there have also been moves backwards as States have enacted discriminatory laws aimed specifically at the Trans community. Over time, these laws will inevitably be struck down, although public opinion and market forces are already causing lawmakers to ‘re-think’ their positions.

As the Trans community expands into mainstream consciousness, there will undoubtedly be interest in marketing products and services to individuals within that community. The existing websites for the Transgender community are most likely growing as more people understand what it means to be ‘Trans’.

Niche Ad Network Connects Publishers of Trans Websites with Advertisers Focusing on The Transgender Community

Since the Trans community is very broad, encompassing MTF (Male-to-Female), FTM (Female-to-Male), Crossdressers, allies & admirers, it can be difficult for Advertisers to focus in on any one individual. This is even more complicated for Advertisers as many people continue to hide their true selves due to the stigma (and potential/real danger) Trans Men and Trans Women experience despite society’s growing acceptance.

Niche Ad Network makes it easier for everyone involved in marketing to the Trans community by providing a Transgender Channel Ad Zone that Publishers can add to their ‘Trans Focused’ websites. This approach allows Advertisers to rely on Publishers who have websites for the Trans community to deliver their ads directly to their target demographic. Rather than attempting to craft ads that may or may not reach the right people, the Niche Ad Network Transgender Channel Ad Zone is a direct connection between Publishers, Advertisers and the members of the Transgender community.