Video Game Niche MarketingOne of the surprises over the last 10-20 years is the explosive growth of the video game market, with many video games making more money on their first day of release than some movies make in an entire run. The technology powering PC video games and Console video games has doubled every year as computer power has increased. Aside from PC’s and Consoles, video games are also played on mobile devices expanding the video game market dramatically. Not only is the resolution within video games coming close to ‘real life’, but the entire industry is poised for yet another expansion as virtual reality is looming as the next step in gaming.

The Video Game Niche Market Is Growing Faster Than Anyone Could Have Predicted

Another reason the video game market is growing exponentially is the number of online websites focused on videos game. Large sites like YouTube and Twitch allow individuals to watch others play video games, as well as provide reviews of games on different devices. There is also a growing eSports market with literally tens of millions of people watching elite, professional video game players compete against one another.

Niche Ad Network Connects Video Game Advertisers With Video Game Website Publishers

As interest in video games has grown, the number of online websites focused on video games has grown as well. This is where Niche Ad Network fits in. Advertisers with video game niche marketing campaigns are interested in reaching people who love to play video games. What better place to do this than on websites dedicated to Gamers, Video Games & Video Game reviews? Basically, if a site has a focus on video games, the Niche Ad Network Video Game Channel Ad Zone is perfect for everyone involved.

Video game website Publishers just add the Niche Ad Network Video Game Channel Ad Zone into their site, and Advertisers of Video Game related products and services place their ads into the Video Game Channel to reach their target demographic.

Video game website Publishers win by having ads related to their content displayed on their sites. Advertisers win by having their ads displayed to video game lovers. And video gamer lovers win by having ads that are more likely to be of interest. With Niche Ad Network, everyone wins!