Online Dating Ad NetworkOnline dating has exploded over the last decade, and is now one of the primary methods used by busy people to meet others. Countless numbers of relationships, marriages and children have resulted due to people meeting one another online. While it was once (long ago) considered a bit odd to have an online dating profile, it is now common place for just about every single person with a computer or a smart phone to have an online dating profile, with many people having profiles on a number of sites simultaneously. The potential problem for singles is not the lack of online dating sites, but rather it is the massive number of dating sites to choose from now. As the market has expanded, there are now literally thousands of online dating sites catering to every possible niche demographic group.

Niche Ad Network-The Best Online Dating Ad Network For Singles, Publishers & Advertisers

As the online dating market has grown, it has split in a number of ways. There are large ‘one size fits all’ type dating sites that cater to any and every individual. There are niche dating sites that focus exclusively on very targeted demographic groups or interest specific groups. There are dating sites that are only available via Apps on mobile devices. There are paid sites, free sites and ‘freemium’ sites, that make some features available, but up-sell to open up unfettered access to the site and it’s features. Basically, online dating has grown into a very large and very diverse market that reaches into virtually every Country via a wide variety of sites and approaches.

Niche Ad Network Provides Targeted Niche Online Dating Channels Connecting Publishers & Advertisers

Due to the size of the online dating market, and the complexity of advertising within a wildly diverse number of sites, Niche Ad Network was created to make it easier for online dating Publishers and online dating Advertisers to easily connect. The key to the Niche Ad Network approach is the use of Niche Channel Ad Zones that focus on specific niches/themes/demographics/interests. One of the benefits to using Niche Ad Network is that not only is there a General Dating Channel Ad Zone for general online dating traffic, but there are also over 60 individual Niche Dating Channel Ad Zones connecting niche dating site Publishers with niche dating site Advertisers.

For example, if an online dating Publisher with a site focused on Christians wants to promote other Christian online dating sites, they need only add the Niche Ad Network Christian Dating Channel Ad Zone into their site. Advertisers seeking to promote Christian dating sites simple load their ads into the same Christian Dating Channel, and their ads are displayed to the demographic group they are most interested in, single Christians interested in dating. In this example, everyone wins. The website Publisher wins by having ads that are on theme with their site and ads that are likely to be of interest to their sites members and site visitors. The Advertiser wins by reaching their targeted demographic. And the website member/visitor wins by seeing ads that are more likely to be of interest due their interests and the site they are on.

Online Dating Publishers Win By Promoting Other Dating Sites

Newsflash, every single visitor to every single online dating website…leaves. Hopefully they come back at some point, but it is stating the obvious that people visit websites and people leave websites. In fact, even a cursory review of any analytics system will show that even the best sites have VERY high bounce rates showing that large numbers of people leave many/most sites after viewing only 1 or 2 pages. Niche Ad Network provides a solution to online dating website Publishers who are interested in monetizing their traffic. Simply add the appropriate Niche Ad Network Niche Dating Channel Ad Zone, and hopefully the people leaving your sites will do so by clicking on banners that match their interests. Rather than worry about losing a few people who might have joined your site, focus on the comparatively large number of people leaving without joining. While you continue to focus on how to encourage registration, take advantage of your traffic to earn money, which can then be used to enhance and/or promote your site. Sign up now for free and begin making money right away!