Inexpensive Adsense AlternativeOnline advertising options have grown in cost and complexity over the last decade, with the largest player in the market being Adwords. It’s no secret that costs within the Adwords system have grown dramatically as competition within the online advertising market has increased. There was a time when great keywords and keyword phrases could be bought on Adwords for less than $.10…but those days are long gone. Depending on the market, and the ‘sought after’ search term, CPC rates can now run into several dollars for a single click. While that cost can be absorbed by very large companies with very deep pockets, or by Adwords experts who know how to thread the needle so as to set up campaigns that are highly likely to convert to paying members, many many small to medium sized businesses have been squeezed out of the market.

How Does A Company Compete For Key Search Terms While Dealing With Increasing CPC Rates

Niche Ad Network has been created to help address the issue of ever increasing CPC rates within the online advertising industry. With a base CPC rate of $.50/click, Niche Ad Network provides a less expensive option to high priced ad systems where large players buy the majority of the key search term inventory.

How Does A Website Publisher Benefit By Working With Niche Ad Network

Niche Ad Network approaches online advertising in a somewhat unique fashion. By creating self-serve Niche Ad Channels, Publishers can easily add code into their sites. Niche Ad Network is not in conflict with Google Adsense, as it is not contextually based, but rather uses a highly targeted ‘Channel’ system. By adding targeted niche ‘Ad Channels’, Publishers can increase the number of ad placements within their sites beyond the restrictions enforced by Adsense. By adding relevant niche ad channels into their sites, they increase the likelihood for additional CPC revenue. Any Publisher looking to increase revenue should be working with Niche Ad Network.

Advertisers Can Target Demographic Groups & Interest Groups Without Spending A Fortune

There are only so many places within the Google network where advertisers can try to grab those coveted positions for key search terms, and those spots grow more expensive over time. Of course, there are other options, like Facebook, where Sites/Brands hope to reach their audiences, only to find ever increasing costs and less reach due to changes within the Facebook advertising system. So, how do Advertisers reach target demographic groups and/or niche interest groups? Not only do they need to reach them, they need to do so without a customer acquisition cost that continues to grow more and more expensive. Niche Ad Network should absolutely be part of the tool set that Advertisers use to reach their target audiences. By creating ads for specific niche markets and placing those ads into the Niche Ad Network ‘Niche Ad Channels’, Advertisers can have their ads delivered directly into Publisher sites filled with highly specific niche market segments. With a CPC rate starting at $.50/click, Advertisers can easily test the benefits of Niche Ad Network without committing massive advertising budgets. For $1000-$5000, Advertisers would receive approximately 2000-10,000 clicks from their targeted demographic market. With that amount of data, it is easy to determine conversion rates, and whether or not Niche Ad Network ‘works’ for any particular Advertiser and any specific targeted Niche Ad Channel. Basically, if you are advertising online, and you are not at least trying Niche Ad Network, you could be ignoring a potentially powerful online advertising tool. Click the ‘Member Area‘ and sign up now!