Smoking Niche MarketingNewsflash! Smoking is legal. While it is clear that it isn’t a ‘healthy lifestyle choice’, and that is an understatement, the point is that smoking cigarettes is in fact legal for adults. Adults can go into any convenience store and purchase packs of cigarettes easily. What is a bit confusing is the mixed message in how smoking is handled with regards to advertising. Numerous laws have been passed preventing advertising of smoking related products on TV, radio and even magazines. While there are not laws preventing advertising online (currently), many of the larger advertising systems steer clear of allowing the promotion of smoking related marketing campaigns.

Tobacco companies can create the products. Private and public companies can sell the products. State and City governments can tax the products. Adults can buy as much as they like. But advertising the products is difficult at best. Due to the health concerns caused by smoking, packaging restrictions have been put in place that require severe warnings. Likewise, due to the addictive nature of smoking, harsh limits have been imposed to prevent any possibility of promotions appearing to be aimed at children. No cartoon related product mascots and no music in any ads.

Publishers Of Websites For Smokers Seek Smoking Related Ads

Due to the myriad of laws against smoking, smokers have very few places where they can enjoy a cigarette in peace, or even find others who smoke. Aside from smoking lounges in airports, private smoking lounges, some bars, one’s own car (provided no one else is in it) or one’s own home (again without anyone else potentially inhaling second hand smoke), there are fewer and fewer places to smoke.

It has even become difficult to find websites for smokers, but there are some, and publishers of smoking related websites for adults welcome advertising related to smoking. Again, while no one disputes the health issues related to smoking, it is a legal activity for adults.

Niche Ad Network is one of the few advertising systems that connects Publishers of smoking related websites with Advertisers of  smoking niche marketing campaigns.*

*Note: Niche Ad Network does not endorse or encourage the use of smoking related products. Niche Ad Network simply connects the Publishers of smoking related websites with the Advertisers attempting to reach the members and visitors of smoking related websites, so that legal promotion of smoking related products can take place. Any illegal promotion of smoking related products is strictly prohibited.