Niche Market AdvertisingWhat is the difference between ‘Niche Market Advertising’ and ‘Advertising’, and why are more and more companies turning to Niche Market Advertising?

The answer is simple, ‘Advertising’ is a broad description of any and all activities designed to market or promote products and services. ‘Niche Market Advertising’ is a highly targeted approach to advertising, where a specific demographic group or target market is the focus of the advertising campaigns. As to why more and more companies are turning to Niche Market Advertising, the answer to this is simple as well. Targeted niche marketing focuses the energy, time, attention and finances related to promoting products and services towards those individuals most likely to be responsive to the marketing campaigns.

While Niche Market Advertising has been around for quite some time, it has grown exponentially as the internet has evolved. Prior to the internet, Advertisers were able to utilize Niche Market Advertising primarily through the use of magazines and newsletters. By placing ads in magazines with a specific theme, Advertisers were able to reach targeted demographic groups. This same approach is being used online, but with much greater results, as the reach of online websites is not limited by distribution or geography.

As companies have moved toward Niche Market Advertising, it only makes sense that an online advertising network specializing in Niche Marketing would evolve, and Niche Ad Network is that network.

Niche Ad Network provides highly targeted niche advertising channels which connect Publishers and Advertisers. By aggregating Publishers of websites with the same theme, Niche Ad Network makes it easy for Advertisers to reach the highly targeted demographic groups represented on those websites. Rather than having to create numerous campaigns with large numbers of online partners, Advertisers simply create an account within Niche Ad Network and place related ad campaigns into the appropriate Niche Ad Network Niche Channel Ad Zones. Niche Ad Network delivers the appropriate ads to the Advertiser’s target demographic via the Niche Market Advertising Channels within niche Publisher websites. This approach allows Publishers to have highly targeted ads on their websites, which are much more likely to catch the attention of their website visitors. This attention leads to higher click-throughs and higher conversions than if the ads were not targeted. While all of this seems obvious, it is because it is obvious. The key is that it is now much easier for Niche Market Advertising to be utilized due to Niche Ad Network.